MossyNet Barbecue

409 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

MossyNet presents a brand new pack!


No more lightness! MossyNet BBQ moves to 1.12.1 offering a big pack of mods!

What has changed? Everything. BBQ is now a custom-made pack especially for MossyNet Modded Role-Play Server. Custom NPCs, building mods, even Cars.
Realistic terrain along with more biomes - everything you need for a relaxing game experience in our new world. Just make sure you have everything prepared to explore new horizons of our brand new RP Server!

MossyNet Barbecue is a relaxing pack for those who don't want to spend hours reaching end-game stuff. No difficult tech mods - just Extra Utilities and Actually Additions to make gameplay easier. Realistic Terrain Generation along with more biomes - everything you need for a relaxing game experience. Take your backpack, put portal gun, some pickaxes in, get some food - and you are ready to explore new horizons!


Inspired by All the Mods 3. Expressing huge THANKS to whatthedrunk, because of ATM3 we knew about lots of interesting mods which really fit our themed pack. We also really liked ATMTweaks, which we included in our modpack as well.

Remember to stop for BBQ!


Just relax and chill out on the servers with this brand new MossyNet BBQ Pack!


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