Mortar's Survival Pack

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At least 9 GB of allocated RAM is recommended to run this modpack. If you want to run this on a server, buy one with at least 10 GB RAM.


This pack includes vanilla-like mods that add more variety to 1.20.1 Minecraft. There are magic mods, furniture and engineering mods, and mods that add more mobs to interact with. There are also various performance-enhancing mods to make up for the 100+ mods included in this pack. 



  • If you want to run a server and it's shutting down, it's most likely due to some client mods being in the server mods folder. Remove/Disable the giacomos_fishing_bot-1.20.1-1.0.7.jar (there might be some others too) mod when you (as the server owner) put this pack into the server's mod folder (it causes some issues when starting up). You and your friends can keep these mods in your client folder though.
  • When entering the nether/end, it may get a little laggy, allocate more RAM if necessary.

Tips on Survival:

  • Craft yourself a Map Atlas so you can make waypoints (you can configure this mod in the configs folder so that you don't need empty maps in your inventory to fill in the map as you explore).

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  • Craft a spellbook (spells can be found while exploring)

  • Craft a Hearth to stay warm

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