First off we have dimensions, these are places outside of the normal Minecraft world. You can go to many places including: Space (many planets),Twilight Forest, the Aether, Bee Dimension, and Blue skies. All of these places have their own blocks biomes mobs and sometimes even bosses. Next up we have Dungeons, these are little buildings, caves and even upgraded versions of the dungeons in vanilla. These dungeons can have basic loot or really good loot. One of the mods is endless dungeons, all you do is create the specific portal and light it, it will bring you to an different dungeon to raid every time. Then you get to combat, there are mods for visual effects to make it feel more real, and also mods that add weaponry and armor. Fine the new ores in caves to craft new armor and tools, or find the new armor in dungeons and dimensions. There are mods like food, vein miner, health bar, animals, structures, better villages and other things that just add to the game a slight bit but give enough to feel like a new game to dive into. I hope you enjoy this mod pack as much as I do, and let me know of any mods you think should be added!