This is an ALPHA. However, due to Twitch app I am listing it as Beta so it will show up on my launcher.



Download at your own risk. I am making this pack for me and my family to enjoy on a server. If you would like to team up on this pack I have plenty of ideas. Just not the capability to implement them currently.


So I know Curse wants this to be a certain length before they approve it so let me talk about this modpack for a little bit. It is a mod pack that me and my family will be using mostly. Plus random people who come watch my stream. The long term goal will be to make a mod pack where you have to "heal" the damaged Earth and restore it to it's former glory. Probably less than 300 mods when it's released like that. I have no clue how long development will be. Using mods like Pollution of the Realms among others. Will not be like the other heal the world modpacks. 


Development so far.


I added the main core mod list. Still some pruning and trimming needed. Once that is done than we will start changing and editing configs.


Road map.


Do some cool things and stuff. 


Want a server to host this mod pack or any mod pack? This is who I go through. Quick, polite and amazing company. Check them out! Currently running a 6 gig server.