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91 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 10, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Me and my friends have been playing Minecraft for 10 years and thought we should put together the best and broadest range of mods. The pack will provide you with an extensive range of mods: the usual tech, machines, magic, exploration, detailed landscapes plus endless dungeons, The Aether (removed has its not finished, may get readded in the future) and all sorts of fun things like furniture, dimensional doors and morphing. 


This is not a huge pack, in fact its smaller than a lot of 'kitchen sink' packs so performance is not an issue. Don't be put off by its 'small' size, its still 160 ish mod when all loaded in game - but all have been hand picked. Some of the huge packs are just mods for the sake of mods. The vanilla game is still there, this pack adds to it.


- Build a grand palace, a whole city, modern skyscraper or a rustic castle.

- Endless machines, industry and tech with extensive storage options.

- Detailed landscapes with endless dungeons, tree types, flowers, creatures, biomes and curios to explore.

- Farm a few crops, or farm 100s of crops. You can even make a kitchen and spend all day baking.

- Magic and mystery. Cast spells, taint the land, run around new dimensions with dimensional doors and avoid the booby traps.

- If you get bored of the overworld, there is The Aether and Twilight Forest.

- Still bored? Use Mystcraft to make your own custom designed world and live there instead!



Mod List: 

Actually Editions
Ambient Sounds 3
Apple Skin
Applied Energistics 2

Aquaculture 2 (NEW!)

Astral Sorcery (NEW!)

Better Advancements (NEW!)

Better Animals Plus (NEW!)

Better Builders Wand (NEW!)

Bewitched (NEW!)

BiblioCraft (NEW!)
Binnie Mods
Biomes O’ Plenty
Blood Magic (NEW!)
Chisel & Bits
Chunk Loader
CodeChicken Lib
Cooking for Blockheads
Creative Core
Dimensional Doors
Doomlike Dungeons
Ender IO
Ender Storage
Energy Converters (NEW!)
Extra Utilities 2
GregTech Community Edition
Industrial Craft 2
Integrated Dynamics
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chest
JEI Bees
Journey Map
Just Enough Items (mod integrations)
Light Level Overlay Reloaded
Magic Bees (NEW!)
Mod Name Tooltip
Modular Powersuits
Mouse Tweaks
Mr Crayfish Furniture
Nether Portal Fix
Not Enough Wands
Optifine (Removed but recommended)
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Portal Gun
Project Red
Quick Leaf Decay
Recurrent Complex
Simply Jetpacks 2
Storage Drawers
The Aether II (Removed!)
The One Probe (mod integrations)
The Twilight Forest
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
Tinkers Construct
U Team Core (NEW!)
Uni Dict (NEW!)
Useful Backpacks (NEW!)
XL Food Mod



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