Modlife 3

24,566 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 24, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

You have found yourself in a unfortunate situation.  After making what you thought was the perfect mining dimension you notice things are not perfect.  Your portal home is not nearby and the monsters are everywhere and seem more powerful than usual.  Read the guide and fight your way back home, where things are still not quite right. 


A bit of adventure mixed in with a lot of tech and mobs swarm at night after 16 days.  They will dig, they will bridge, they will break down things.  Use your tech to survive and keep your base from being destroyed from swarms of angry and sometimes infernal mobs.


This pack was made for TheOnlyBentley for his third season of Modlife on his Youtube channel.



Packs tested on Aim2Game servers



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