Modern Skyblock 3: Departed

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Filename Modern
Uploaded by TheLimePixel
Uploaded Feb 21, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 17.38 MB
Downloads 5,277
MD5 aba26f1ba371a5e27a25d977b0d557f4
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Updated:
    -Extra Planets
    -GalactiCraft Planets
    -Micdoodle Core
    -GalactiCraft Core
    -Zetta Industries - fixing the JEI error
    -Iron Chest
    -Bonsai Trees
      -Added harvestcraft spiderweb sapling shapes (thanks awebneck)
     -Made hopping pots support item ducts and other cable types (thanks samtrion)
     -Improved bonsai pot tooltips
     -Made vanilla jungle trees drop cocoa beans
     -Allow planting bonsai trees with your offhand
     -Fix bonsai pot drops behaving weirdly and duplicating pots
     -Fix snow generating on bonsai pots when its snowing
    -Planet Progression - fixing the crash when searching for the Satellite Rocket in the NASA Workbench
    -Immersive Engineering
     - Various changes to the wiring system:
      - Uninsulated energy wires cause damage now
     - Wires don't need clear line-of-sight but a clear path along the wire as it is rendered
      - Placing blocks that obstruct wires will cause the wire to break/drop
      - The skyhook can attach to the middle of connections, rather than just the endpoints
      - Added a feedthrough insulator as a way to get wires through walls
      - Addons using wires will have to adapt to these changes!
    - IE now prints a message to chat if Java 8 update 25 is used since it causes unfixable crashes
    -Alternating Flux
    -Immersive Tech
  • Replaced
    -Tree Growing Simulator with Twerk Sim 2k18 - allowing you to twerk in order to speed up crop growth
  • Added the farming island
  • Questbook
    -Fixed a few quest descriptions
    -Removed Placeholder rewards from Loot Chests
  • Restrictions
    -Unrestricted the Watering Can as it's practically useless now

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