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Bisect Hosting

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Minimum Ram: 6GB

Recommended Ram: ALL OF IT


Can you survive in a world where technology is supreme over magic? Where flying aircraft, massive cities, and industrial prowess are the kingpins of the age?


In Modern Industry you have the opportunity to build fanciful factories, magnificent flying machines, redstone contraptions and beautiful cities.


Journeymap is disabled and Xaero's Minimap is enabled. If you prefer Journeymap,  you need to enable it in the mod list. You can do this by right clicking the profile icon, and choosing "view profile". Then in the next screen in the upper right corner, click the three dots icon "..." and then choose "profile options". Uncheck the first box called "locked". Hit okay. Find journeymap in the mod list and click the purple switch on the left side. Then scroll to bottom and disable Xaero's Minimap with the same action. Start the pack and enjoy. 

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