Modded Superhero Survival - MSS

10,215 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 25, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

This is the superheroes modpack. It uses the Heroes Expansion and the Speedster Heroes mod which will give you superhuman abilities from the suits, there are dozens of them. You could have the ability to run at the speed of light or web sling across buildings. There are various possibilities with this modpack. It will also contain other mods such as the Xaero's Minimap and the Mr. Crayfish Furniture's mod. You could decorate your house with actual furniture, have knowledge of which way you are facing without pressing F3, and having an overview of the map in one little box. This modpack will give you a tough yet fun journey, it will amaze you with of how good it is. It will also do good for the viewers if you're a let's player. It's also just good for fun! Like I said you have endless possibilities and that's why you should download this modpack.



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