Modded Nostalgia

103 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Modded Nostalgia is a pack i put together because i wanted to play with some mods that i used to play with when i started playing
modpacks which was 1.7


Modded Nostalgia Consists of Tech mods, Adventure mods, Magic mods, Furniture mods and more
(Full ModList will be added soon to the description)


  • Go on adventures, slay and conquer dungeons
  • Explore the Universe's planets and the worlds different dimensions
  • Make your homes feel more lively
  • Craft machines to make your smelting, etc processes much faster


last but not least:

Go and have some Fun!!


 Known issues:

For me (ZesTy) NEI causes lagging when opening things, if this happens to you, disable it in the ingame settins


Planned Updates:


v2.0: Major Redesign, More Mods + Quests planned


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