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Minecraft Paradise

We present you the brand new Modpack Minecraft Paradise from our Team "Team Paradise". Its is a questbased modpack with many mods you have to use. Most of the time you can use the Questbook but sometimes you need the Mod book, because we can't copy any Quest from Mod Developer.



You were a lonely wanderer. stranded in the middle of a lonely world where nature is beautiful and yet very dangerous. In your old world you relied on your technology and had no idea how anything worked. Fortunately you are very capable of learning, but at the beginning you don't have the slightest idea where to start. Fortunately you were assigned a quest book. Will you survive or will you die alone in the wilderness of paradise?


Join us on Github for all Informations.

You also get tips, Conditions and a Beginners Guide.


Our Twitter Account to Upload Images or contact us.

Our Instagram Account also for any kind of Videos.

Our Discord Server for Suggestions and talk.


And of course our brand new website!!!


Latest News:

Beginners Guide is nearly ready


!!!Don't forget to Backup your World before you Update!!!



Our newest partnership is with the Apex Minecraft Hosting:

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