Minecraft Mage

92,054 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Minecraft "Mage" is designed for the similarly named YouTube project in which a lot of German YouTubers are playing together.

All earnings of Curse will be Donated to Gaming Aid.
(Including donations)


About the Pack

The goal of the Modpack is to recreate a Hexxit like experience. Pretty much all you favorite Mods are back or replaced by similar ones!

Explore the world with a lot of new generation like better villages, trees, ruins, ships and so on! Defeat bosses and find amazing loot in epic dungeons and battletowers.
A lot of decoration and building Mods give you the opportunity to create stuning buildings.

Exploring dungeons and defeating bosses helps you get better equipment and progress further.
A huge varity of magic mods help you get more powerfull and hopefully make it easier to explore, loot and fight!


If someday you are done exploring everything in the overworld, there are still a lot of other Dimensions like the Twilight Forest or the Aether waiting for you!


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