MC Inferno

22 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Minecraft Inferno is a small modpack with a simple goal : try to survive with only 5 lives in this living hell!


There are quite simple features to make your life harder and scarier :

 - Eternal night and meteorological events, along with visual and sound effects for a better atmosphere

 - Monsters everywhere : mutants, zombie hordes, creatures from dimensions of nightmare. Choose to fight or flee!

 - Only 5 lives. Each time you respawn, you lose some of your hearts and a part of your equipment.

 - Other small surprises you will discover!

If you want to suggest other mods to add to this modpack, you are welcome !

Tips and how to start :

 - You begin with a wood axe and an apple.
 - Try to quickly get some logs, and craft a wood pickaxe in order to have stone tools.
 - Think of finding some food.
 - A village can be a good place with loot, but monsters also are attracted!


Many thanks to Tissou for his ressource pack which is used here, and for the picture of the zombies I used above!



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