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Filename Eternal 1.4.2
Uploaded by Corjaantje
Uploaded Mar 26, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 18.36 MB
Downloads 4,029
MD5 15b0f0cf10e5ede8837e66a0663ae9ef
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~ The Overworld Update ~

 1.4.2 Bugfix Patch

Developer Note:
Just like Beta 1.4.1, this update is rather large, as such I would suggest starting a new World to enjoy new content to its fullest! 
(not necessary but recommended)




→ Interesting Changes! ←

✦ Added Mod: xReliquery!

✦ Added Mod: Natures Aura!

✦ Added Mod: Bountiful Baubles!

✦ Added Mod: Progressive Bosses!

✦ Added Mod: No Recipe Book!

✦ Added Mod: Cherished Worlds!

✦ Updated Mod: Tech Reborn!

✦ Updated Mod: Mystical World!

✦ Updated Mod: The Betweenlands!

✦ Updated Mod: Village Games!

✦ Updated Mod: Nether Portal Spread!

✦ Updated Mod: Treasure2!

✦ Updated Mod: Storage Network!
✦ More new Quests!

✦ Changed the Ancient Warfare Structures around!

✦ Updated loads of configuration files!

✦ Fixed several memory leaks!

✦ Fixed lots of bugs!

✦ Fixed several crashes!

✦ Lots of additional content!


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