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Uploaded Jul 22, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
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Updated 18 mods (Full list available on discord)


The Space Exploration Update Part 1.

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds


Interesting Changes 

Developer Note: New custom planets are on the way! Starting off in Part 1 is the Earth's Moon. I have decided to take the quality over quantity route and spend more time working on the planet and its environment rather than 80 empty, lifeless planets. I will be posting development updates and teasers for future planets over on Discord. 

+ Added The Moon (Three custom bosses to fight and over 25 unique structures!)

+ Added over 75 new quests

+ Added new Space Exploration quest chapter and 3 sub chapters

+ Added the Erebus dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added the Atum 2 dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added the Aurorian dimension (only accessible from space)

+ Added FutureMC

+ Added Exterrestrial Cache (blackmarket Item)

+ Drastically balanced certain mobs (specifically the Undertaker)

+ Many small changes that aren't worth documenting here (will post a full changelog on Discord when I get the chance)

Special way for magic users to travel to Space coming soon


Semi-Interesting Changes

- Nerfed Gorgon head quest rewards

- Disabled Minecolonies from not working in the rain

- Nerfed bone sword (3%) to (2%)

+ Enabled dimensional colonies (This is especially useful if you wanted to live out your dreams building a Moon colony inside an ecosphere)

+ Added new boss quests!

+ Buffed axe of a thousand metals

+ New main menu logo!



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