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Uploaded by adam98991
Uploaded Apr 16, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 13.13 MB
Downloads 300,164
MD5 c1be585e66cf614785b7cb4c09b3132b
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


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Updated 7 mods (Full list available on discord)

I hope everyone is staying safe! <3 Changes Hotfix Patch 

+ fixed broken introduction quests

+ buffed energy playershop quest

- reverted tech reborn

- reverted reborncore

- reverted dank/null

- disabled certain plustic materials (fluix crystal, ruby, emerald and sapphire)

- disabled certain moartinkers materials (certus quartz - now replaced with plustic variant) Changes

+ added vampires need umbrellas

+ added new bounty questing system (over 40 to complete!) find it in the exploration tab 

+ tinkers construct balance changes

+ various bug fixes

+ updated treasure2 loot tables

+ updated battle tower loot tables 

+ ice and fire dragon damage cap increased

+ player shop balancing

+ recipe fixes

- hardcore darkness no longer functions in the betweenlands

- removed player shop water quest (cough, you know who you are)

nerfed agricraft sprinklers

- disabled the multishot bow enchant


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MCEternal (Server Pack 576.53 MB Apr 17, 2020

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