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Filename MC
Uploaded by adam98991
Uploaded Apr 2, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 11.49 MB
Downloads 32,847
MD5 6e894c2275bf5da6e2be5798867fb283
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


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Updated 30 mods (Full list available on Discord!) 

I hope everyone is staying safe! <3

Interesting Changes

+ added roots

+ added career bees

+ added discord rich presence support

+ added more quests

+ added new questing chapter to hidden purchase locked items


+ fixed silver ore generation

+ added tutorials

- disabled playershop quest toasts

+ revamped playershop (economy changes and reward adjustments)

+ reorganized quests


Semi interesting changes


+ added attributefix

+ added more items to the shop

+ added new lootbox types

+ added more quest descriptions

+ added tooltips

+ added more detailed questing descriptions

+ drastically increased xp cost to level with construct armory

+ increased beneath gold generation

+ buildcraft quarry now has a simpler recipe

+ fixed nbt specific quests

+ fixed fishing challenge

+ fixed wizardry trading issues

+ fixed the issue with "quick change armor"

+ improved lootbox variety (black market cache and basic questing crate)

+ improved custom recipes 

+ buffed modular power armor rating

+ updated battle tower loot tables  

+ added support for wand varients while completing wizardry quests

+ added new challenges

+ added hidden challenge collectibles 

+ thaumcraft achievement "fiery projectile" can now be completed 

+ increased rf tools dimension cost

+ minor bug fixes 

+ akashic tome now has guide books by default

+ help murray the skeletal head find his missing bones

- reduced pams garden spread

- less overworld gold generation

- removed manyullyn mystical agriculture seeds

- removed parasites from block-breaking

- removed crystalotus as a quest task


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Additional Files

Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
Eternal (Server Pack 1.3.5) 586.83 MB Apr 2, 2020

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