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Filename MC
Uploaded by adam98991
Uploaded Mar 3, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 9.89 MB
Downloads 169,236
MD5 c70617a4c4d769433a1b8cb1973eba8d
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


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Updated 21 mods (Full list available on Discord!) 


Interesting Changes

+ player shop can now be automated!

+ new quests!

+ added Astral Sorcery

+ added Wizardry Twilight Forest Spell Pack

+ added Doggy Talents

+ added SwingThroughGrass

- zombie pigmen no longer aggro by default


Semi interesting changes

- disabled lanterns from spawning naturally 

- disabled agricraft weeds

- removed blank items from the blackmarket cache

- less dungeon2 spawns

- wearing a full set of supremium armor no longer gives creative flight

- removed refined iron TC

+ fixed keyring quest

+ fixed mekanism factory quests

+ colonies no longer build slower underground

+ increased rarity of midnight portals 

+ reduced emergency item (radaway) to 1 minute

+ fixed bewitchment salt issues

+ fixed invisibility causing armor to unequip 

+ added more evil items to the blackmarket cache

+ complete the challenge tab to unlock a secret expensive weapon on the blackmarket! 


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Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
Eternal (Server Pack 1.3.4) 648.72 MB Mar 3, 2020

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