Vanilla Enhanced Adventures

535 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2

 Features offered:


This modpack adds the typical "why isn't this in the game" type of things into the game.

It is a modpack that focuses on enhancing the traditional Vanilla gameplay by adding:


  • structure spawns (read: dungeons with balanced loot, ruins, more villages)
  • tweaks for "missing things" in vanilla (additional stairs, chests, missing meats)
  • QOL enhancements such as a proper key binding menu or rotten flesh to leather smelting
  • more decorative blocks (made from almost all Vanilla materials)
  • new VANILLA FRIENDLY mobs (Trollagers, reworked farm animals, several hostiles and dociles.)
  • many more small tweaks (all in line with Notch's Vanilla Minecraft)

For a full list of mods added, you can visit the mods tab on the project.


You won't find over-the-top magic, any industrial/tech stuff. 


How these features affect a user's experience

they enhance your typical vanilla gameplay without going over the top... duh. You'll find new ores, new mobs and some visual enhancements.



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