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"Scape and Run: Parasites" is the core of this pack. Dive into a world where the usual monsters and beasts live, but worse.  Some of the usual foes have been infected by parasites hell-bent on infecting every creature across the land. Survival takes on new meaning where even daytime isn't safe. Use your wits, your skill, and pray to whatever you believe in. Will it be enough?


This is a survival modpack where the player's main adversary is a parasite plague running rampant across the world in the form of new, very strong mobs that fly and roam on the ground.  Parasites not only infect the usual monsters, making them much stronger and faster, but can infect villagers, cows, pigs, and sheep as well, making them fast and deadly foes. Players have access to forging improved gear via Tinkers Construct, and item organization though Storage Drawers and the more advanced Refined Storage. Additional mods may be added at the MG Community's suggestion, as long as they don't affect the intended difficulty of the pack.


Those of us at MG really enjoyed the Parasites by Forge Labs pack, but we just couldn't live without some essentials. These include Tinkers Construct, Storage Drawers, Refined Storage, JourneyMap, and FTB Backup. The intent here is to keep the pack as true to the original as possible while adding some "must have's" without disturbing the horror of living in a world with these parasitic beings. The goal is to add some conveniences without providing tools that eliminate the real threat of the parasites.


We based this pack off:


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