Metro Server (Squad Network)

1,702 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

A long, long time ago a group of people came together to build a fabulous city. Many friendships and marriages later, Metro was born. They actively encouraged people to live in their city but the economy failed and the friends went on to newer horizons. 


Recently, the friends received word that Metro was not only alive but thriving! They decided to come home and invest in the city once again.



This pack was designed for the Squad Patreon server. The server map is a city simulation game with no mining and no crafting. It has an economy and allows players to buy/sell condos and other properties/goods as well as anything they may want or need. There are jobs and games to earn money for needs and investments.



For those who are not on the Squad Patreon server, a map is included for you to use the mods in the pack to build your own economy. World edit is in the pack to help you give buildings and roads a face lift.





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