Mesa VS Plain - Remastered

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In the future, when science has reached the highest level, people have accomplished the colonization of the whole solar system. Every planet had its colony, with its nations and its cities. The most powerful and wealthy planets of the system were Mars and the Earth. For a long time, the relationship between the two colonies was one of the bests, until the terrestrial one decided to proclaim itself independent. Since then, war was about to take place on the Earth. First, communications between planets were interrupted. After that, the terrestrial economy collapsed and, the production of energy failed. Nations were obliged to descend back to a medieval society to survive. Years later, Martians decided to invade the planet and try to conquest it. They established in the Mesas and pushed back with the power of technology the Terrestrians to the Plains. In those lands, Terrestrians have found powerful crystals. After studying them, they understood how to tame mythical creatures and push back the invaders. Since then, the war officially began and, this is the story of Mesa VS Plain!


Original story idea by thedaliocraft and architetto_gatto.
Revisited by architetto_gatto.
Mod choice by architetto_gatto.
Custom quests: coming soon.
Custom world map: coming soon.
Logo by architetto_gatto (with the use of


The main generation world mod is Oh The Biomes You Go. Most of the mods in the pack are technology mods (like Mekanism, RFTools, Refined Storage, etc.) and fantasy mods (like Ars Nouveau, Mahou Tsukai, Ice and Fire: Dragons, etc.). There are also performance improvement mods (like Performant and FPS Reducer) and quality of life mods (like Pam's Harvestcraft 2, Farmer's Delight, Waystones and, much more).


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