Meme's Ultra Origins modpack!

145 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 27, 2022 Game Version: 1.17.1   +1

!note this mod-pack is an Origins heavy modpack so here be dragons!


This is a mod-pack about choosing an origin that has unique sets of abilities and weaknesses that play an important factor on how you play. usually origin mod-packs are made for server with friends, but they can be just as easily enjoyed by playing by yourself.


After spending multiple hours of fixing bugs and crashes I finally have a complete origin mod-pack with about 108 Different origins and also 20 Classes!

 feel free to leave comments about bugs and mods you would want in the next update of Meme's origins.


(a little pro gamer tip if you go into the voice-chat config and put in the server port it works perfectly)


(An even bigger pro tip, hitting alt+f4 is not good)



if you want to copy the mods here just make sure you know what you are doing because some mods have certain versions that are required.


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