Megacosm of Mermelerr Modpack

320 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 7, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

It currently does not play from the Twitch Launcher, but if you download and install it it plays fine.

Tested it again and it runs from the Twitch Launcher. But if you want to get all fancy, you can still:

I'm looking into working this out. In the mean time, install it through Twitch, then click on the gear button, and open folder. Copy the mods folder. Install forge, and create a new install in your minecraft launcher, set the version to 1.12.2 with Forge  and make a new game directory. Run it once, and shut it down. Then open that directory, and replace the mods directory with the one you copied from Twitch. You will also need to copy the config folder and scripts folder. (We do this in order to give our client more RAM)

Requires Forge

I don't know if it works with later versions of Forge, but it works on

We recommend using Optifine to enhance your gaming experience. For textures we recommend Mizuno's 16 craft with mods. We build with this texture pack, so if you want to see our buildings in their full glory, get Mizuno's.  And for shaders we recommend Sildur's Vibrant Shaders. They're beautiful, and run well. 



Welcome to the Megacosm of Mermelerr!  

We've spent almost 2 years putting this modpack together, troubleshooting conflicts, setting up a server, tweaking server configs, etc. And now it's finally ready for public consumption! 

We've tried to cultivate a diverse modpack with a ton of stuff to do and see, and lots and lots of goodies to get. There are 3 different types of dungeon to explore.  Several different types of magic to learn, including Bending!  Lots of critters to tame, lots of monsters to fight. Tons of gear to collect, create, and upgrade.  Build an airship and fly it! Or make some wings and fly! Or why not do both? Create and sell your own custom objects, with Chisels & Bits and Little Tiles!  Build an army of NPCs! With so much to see and do, the choice is all up to you!

Join us on the server! 


The modpack has so much content, it's almost too much for anyone to master by themselves. Join a party! Start a clan! Trade with other players! 

Server info is here:


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