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Filename Medieval Minecraft [FORGE]
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Uploaded Jan 1, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5  
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[Major Update]
Abyss 2.0 Update - NEW WORLD IS REQUIRED!
Before you can play Medieval Minecraft v47 you need have to reset your server/world in order to play without any issues.
The Abyss II got a major Update which changes every single biome, world generation, Mob, Item, Block, Dimension and biome ID.
If you don't reset your world you'll corrupt the savegame/server and bosses, entities start to spawn in the overworld.
There is no workaround due to minecraft vanilla code and biome swaps. This also gives me the opportunity to make a lot of changes and fix a lot of issues that I couldn't do before.
- Almost Completed Quests
- Added Butcher's Delight (by onuadan)
- Added Ogres Community! (by pixelgeist666)
- Added Trolls Community! (by pixelgeist666)
- Added Kobolds Community! (by pixelgeist666)
- Added Goblins Community! (by pixelgeist666)
- Added Alex's Delight (by NCP_Bails)
- Added Traveler's Backpack (by Tiviacz1337)
- Added Towers of the Wild: Reloaded (by yuesha_yc)
- Added Towers of the Wild: Additions (by Aureljz)
- Added The Abyss LPM Integration (by y4z0n)
- Added Magnesium Extras (by TeamDeusVult)
- Added Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark (by deadguystuffs)
- Added Visual Workbench [Forge] (by Fuzs_)
- Added Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric] (by hypherionsa)
- Removed Dynamic Surroundings (Causing Issues with Abyss 2.0)
- Removed Frosted Friends (Christams is over)
- Removed Maiden's Merrymaking (Christams is over)
- Removed Nether Agriculture (Not Needed)
- Removed Deeper in the Caves - Warden Mod (Replaced)
- Removed Kobolds! (Replaced)
- Removed Create (Doesn't fit in Medieval)
- Removed Sophisticated Backpacks (Replaced)
- Removed Storage Overhaul (Not Needed)
- Fixed some Mobs Spawn Issues
- Adjusted Configs for various Mods
- A bunch of small and big internal changes that I didn't record
- Updated all the Mods
OPTIFINE: If you want to use OptiFine remove the Magnesium and Dynamic Lights Reforged Mod
Things to Note:
- Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Pigs will be Rare and you can't just simply kill them for food, check out the Butchers Delight Mod for more information on animal processing.
- Waystones don't spawn in Villages anymore, they spawn in the Towers of the Wild.
- There are 4 new Civilizations communities added, some oyu can trade with.
- Travelers Backpack has replaced the Sophisticated Backpacks mod.
- The Abyss is accessible through the Void Worm Quest. (Unlike the Abyss Wiki, you don't need to follow the Getting Started part.)
- End Remastered Eyes will no longer be accessible through the Twilight Forest Quest except 1 (Find them like normal).
- When crouching a Warden Icon comes up, this is due to the new Warden Dimension mod, it will be fixed when the mod Updates.

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