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MechaniCrafters is a light modpack that seeks to add to the experience of playing with the Create mod and is the modpack being used on the Mechanicraft SMP server!




While the vanilla Create experience is a wonderful one, the mod does benefit some additional mods. The mods added in this pack are meant to add to the experience of playing with Create, while not introducing any features that would make a feature of Create useless. 



Some notable mods that change up the game:

Create - The create mod! Adds unlimited automation possibilities using rotational power

World Gen

  • Quark - Adds some new stones that spawn underground and a few new trees
  • Yungs better caves and better mineshafts - Completly overhauls the cave generation for a better caving experience
  • Atmospheric - Adds a few new biomes that add on to the vanilla experience without feeling too modded
  • Autummity - Adds a new autumn biome with maple trees and other awesome additions
  • Voyage - Adds a few new biomes to discover only using vanilla blocks

Mods to help with building

  • Quark - Adds many blocks including half slabs
  • Decorative blocks - adds a ton of new blocks to make builds look amazing
  • Enhanced mushrooms - adds some new mushroom building blocks
  • Extended lights - Adds new lighting options
  • Fairy lights - Adds even more lighting options
  • Joy of painting - Make custom paintings
  • Pane in the glass - adds glass panes that sit on the outside of a block
  • Window logging - adds the ability to place glass panes into stairs and half slabs


  • Farmers delight - Adds a few more food items to be harvested and crafted with Create
  • Just enough items - A better version of the 
  • Random patches - Fixes a few things about vanilla minecraft
  • Apple skin - Shows saturation
  • Cosmetic armor - Can change the armor you are wearing
  • The one probe - Shows the item you are looking at
  • The weirding gadget - Simple chunk loader
  • Xareos minimap and world map - Mini and world map






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