Mechanical Mastery

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Mechanical Mastery is an automation-focused skyblock modpack in which players have their tech mod knowledge put to the test. Players use ProjectE to purchase raw ore "chunks" with EMC, which can be processed into their respective ingots. then craft custom-made "mechanical crystals", which can then be sold back for much more EMC than their basic resource cost! This modpack is focused on automation and automation only, so the only items that have EMC are the basic resource chunks and the final mechanical crystals which can be sold for a net EMC profit. These "crystals" are divided into multiple tiers, each requiring the previous one plus many more steps of automation and mods required to craft them. There is a quest book chapter for each mechanical crystal which will guide you into how you can make each crystal, and what each of them unlocks. It features custom ore processing for up to 25x ingots per ore!


This modpack is inspired by games such as Factorio and is extremely focused towards tech mods, so if you are already used to mods such as Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering, and Mekanism, but want to experience how it would be if all of them were integrated together with other newer mods like Create in order to build massive factories with all of these and many, many more, then this modpack is for you!Special thanks to the KubeJS developers for making this modpack possible!