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This modpack is an open sandbox world full of technical and adventurous stuff.


Build factory no problem, build factory on homes no problem, build cannon no problem. Explore dungeons and you die never mind, make a pelsi gear and if that's not enough, uron 64 TNT and just blast it no problem.


Build a house on the ground, but it's boring, you build a house like an airplane, even if even this is boring, build a house on the moon. You want blacksmith but better no problem, use the Tinkers construct mod and when you want to ease it use the Create mod and when you want to build it on the train.
If you want a friend's vitroli, you can mod tnt foods, but have a bach so you don't eat it yourself.
Si mechanic use mody [Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, Create, RFTtools]

You like the garden stym ti tad help you use the mod Botania.
You like to build, you have a lot of mods to choose from.


My personal favorite mod is Reliquary.
Taaaaaak now for some tips:
Type 1: When holding things in your hands with the Carry on mod, do not click on the workbench, oven, etc
type.2:you want quests you have tan only world hardest quest but few =,(. P.S. other quests are in the works. And when there won't be type anymore.2, there are enough quests out there.
Type 3: Build what you want.