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Uploaded by TheHarryPlopper
Uploaded Oct 28, 2022
Game Version 1.19.2  
Size 41.33 MB
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MD5 40212820e54e6d001f9f83c86313f8e8
Supported Minecraft 1.19 Versions


What's New!

  • Updated main menu items.
  • Added support for new online multiplayer server hosted by BisectHosting (use code "OriginsStudios" for 25% off your first month!).
  • Added Discord Rich Presence integration with the help of CraftPresence mod.
  • Core world gen mod redesigned for an all new experience!
  • Added the Mining Dimension.
  • Updated server icons, pack icon for CurseForge.
  • Multiple mods swapped out for better performance.
  • Much more, come take a look!


Known Bugs & Issues

  • CraftPresence
  • When joining the public server via the quick join button on the main menu, Discord RPC may show on your individual player icon an incorrect total available open slots on the server IE "1 of 4 people online."
  • - Joining via the Multiplayer menu will show the correct player counts IE "1 of 160 people online."
  • Attempting to open the config settings menu will overwrite the config preferences file as designed however due to a character limitation in the GUI for that mod, the players X Y Z coordinates will not pass to Discord RPC correctly, and may only display two of the three player coordinates. This could potentially break your own RPC connection to Discord (if this happens, you will need to reinstall the pack or redownload the pack, and overwrite the config file for CraftPresence with the original one provided.)
  • Player coordinates are too precise and not rounded to a whole number.

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