MassTech SkyBlock Edition

299 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.10.2

I'm sure you have played skyblock before but I don't think you have ever played skyblock like this


because in this skyblock you are mostly going to be working with machines from as low level as putting some burning coals in water to make steam power all the way up to making massive reactors that could be bigger then your house itself in a normal survival let's play

theirs also a little bit of sorcery (magic) so you can learn how to give up your blood to the demons of the nether in order to gain special item that you can use to progress even further in making what new armor set or machine or item it is you are aiming to make

after you're done with demons you might be ready to relax a little bit so after that you can do some magic with flowers you be able to use all kinds of flowers to generate a special substance called Mana witch you will need in order to make various types of armor sets weapons and tools as well as items that give you special abilities that could help you to progress in the pack


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