Massive Dig

30,285 Downloads Last Updated: May 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Latest MD Version: 1.8.7



Tired of looking for ores? Do you want to find ores quickly? Do you want diamonds on the top of a mountain? Well you came to the right modpack! Massive Dig gives you over 100+ mods to play around with! The ore generation is completely changed to where your going to see all of the rarest ores! Get digging now!


This modpack is suited for new players or players who want to spend less time with trying to find rare resources! By increasing the rate of the ore generation, this modpack gives the player the rarest and common resources in about minutes! It's made to be suited for all types of players!

Server Files:

You can only find the server files on Curse Forge download page!



Common Questions will be answered here!

Info about posting issues: When posting about any issues with the modpack you should either post them to the Github issues page or the Discord channel!


Q: If I want or need to contact you then what's the fastest way I can do that?

A: You can do that by sending me a DM on Discord, since I respond faster on Discord than on CurseForge but you can still contact me on CurseForge if you want to.


Q: Why was there no update during a long period?

A: I was taking a huge break but I'm slowly starting to work on this again.


Q: How does Massive Dig increase ore generation?

A: Vanilla ores and some modded ores are changed with COFHCore, while some other ores are changed with other configs!


Q: Why is the first version named v1.7?

A: Because Massive Dig was originally on another modpack hosting website that didn't offer what Curse offered (I don't know if I'm allowed to say the other modpack hosting website).  Since I didn't have much options, I was updating newer versions and not keeping the older ones.


Q: Will my old Massive Dig saves work with the Curse edition of Massive Dig?
A: I have no clue actually, it's best to keep a backup of your world before moving it to the Curse Edition to see if it works.


Q: Can I re-post this modpack on here or to other platforms?

A: You're not allowed to re-post this modpack unless if I give you permission to.


Q: Can I record a YouTube video of Massive Dig?

A: Sure go ahead, and while that you can use Massive Dig resources for your thumbnail and video.

Q: Can I suggest a mod for Massive Dig?

A: Sure go ahead! Leave a comment down below!


Q: Will Massive Dig ever upgrade to newer versions of Minecraft?

A: Depends, when I'm completely done with the minecraft version, I will probably think about upgrading.

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