Manncraft RE

40 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Manncraft RE is a recreation of the Manncraft modpack that stemmed from an expansion upon FTB Revelation used on a Discord server. The new modpack has since taken inspiration from such modpacks as Bewitchment Official and even it's own offshoot Manncraft Lite.


This modpack has a renewed focus on adventure, with newcomers to the pack such as Artifacts, Mystcraft, and Ice & Fire making their appearance while the classics of Twilight Forest and Dimensional doors are still in the pack. The magic in this pack has been reconfigured, removing lag culprits Thaumcraft (which might return in a future update) and Astral Sorcery but adding in Electroblob's Wizardry in their place and keeping Botania. Original additions from Manncraft are still here, including Danvinci's Vessels and Mekanism, but Draconic Evolution has been removed and replaced with mods focused on mid-game such as Extra Alchemy. Should server owner's want to add in their own adventures to this pack: CustomNPCs, Map Making Tools, CraftTweaker, and MKUltra will be vital tools to making your world more adventurous.