Majestic Landscapes

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Since I had some good feedback on the feedthebeast subreddit (, I decided to release a modpack I've thrown together to play privately for months. I thought the community might appreciate it; there are very few modpacks that make the terrain generation as fine-tuned as possible. And since I love nature, love being in nature, this is no different in Minecraft. I wanted to make my landscapes as realistic as possible without resorting to using custom terrain maps, which are finite.


This modlist is one I have been playing with for a couple months now, this is perfect if you're the type that loves to dwelll deep in forests, overlook beautiful views from on top of a hill, like you're really there.


You know that feeling, right? That feeling you got when walking through Skyrim's pine forests, Witcher 3's mountainous landscapes or watching the beautiful landscapes in movies like Lord Of The Rings? Being deeply absorbed in stunning nature. This is exactly what you need, friend.




Majestic Landscapes features the biome diversity from Biomes O Plenty, realistic biome placement from mods like Realistic Terrain Generation and GeographiCraft and loads of additional nature mods that make the landscape vastly detailed.


Steep hills that go to y=256, cliffs, beautiful streams coming from mountains, joining forest rivers that eventually end up in the ocean, where they all come together. Large, lush forests to get lost in, waterfalls, big lakes, everything. 


It also adds numerous animal mobs, but only the ones that add real-life animals. You won't find any mystical or imaginary creatures in your worlds. 


Tip: This modpack is also a great choice if you're playing with your own mods, but want better terrain gen to make a let's play on, or build your structures on.




Beautiful Environment ( : This is a resource pack, which adds a beautiful sky, the sun, moon and water. It is a modified Lively, but things disliked by some gamers were changed + other additions. To place on the top of other resource packs or on the top of default!''


Conquest Resource Pack ( : The Conquest resource pack is an excellent medieval texture pack, with elements of realism, they add color to the game, and sometimes gloom. This resource pack is based on one of the abandoned resource packs John Smith. The pack also comes with 3D Models – an add-on that should give the pack a three-dimensional view.


Sildur's Enhanced Default ( This is a shaderpack that has full support for default minecraft, meaning things like night vision work fine. Features of the shaderpack are shadows, colored shadows, underwater shadows, reflections, cel-shading, color boost, crossprocess(color filer), motionblur, depth of field and distance fog. 


Optifine ( Needed for running shaders, and making the game more pretty and run better.


If you really want to get immersed, I recommend this Ambient Fantasy Music playlist I made for you 


Note: Please feel free to send me some screenshots of landscapes you come across! They will be posted under the ''images'' section of the page.











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