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Explore new technologies! Research ancient magic! Nuke the world or Save the world! It's all possible in:




In MagiTekkit, you choose your own path, whether it is one of a mighty mage one who specializes in alchemy and spellcasting to defeat their enemies, or a technology master who invents, tinkers, and tweaks their mechanical gadgets and gizmos to accomplish mighty feats- or anything in between.


This modpack is just another mish-mash of everything we, the creators, enjoy playing, with an aim to provide a broad experience and allow the player to make their own choices, rather than feeling forced to follow a certain path to progress.


Some of the bigger mods in this pack are:



Immersive Engineering

Thermal Expansion/Foundation/Dynamics


Tinkers' Construct



Original concept and build management: Solunareclipse1

Logo, technical support and extra ideas: ShardOfAmethyst (Craft_of_mining) 


Comments? Questions? Come join us on the official MagiTekkit Discord!


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