Jason M Kisner

1,734 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

This pack is built around Mana and Artifice by AWildCanadianEh(aka Mithion). Players may know this mod by its other name, Ars Magica 3. Due to trademark limitations, Mithion has decided to rebrand the mod Mana and Artifice!

This pack also includes an addon mod by Hallzmine called Mana Plus. This adds flower seeds for the various Mana and Artifice plants you'll find in the wild, among other things.

NOTE: Both Mana and Artifice and Mana Plus are in an Alpha state. This pack is meant for mod testing purposes! If you find a bug, please make sure the problem lies with Mana and Artifice or Mana Plus first before reporting! 

Pack bugs should be reported to me(Rensik). All Mana and Artifice or Mana Plus bugs need to be reported to their respective devs using the recommended channels on their mod profiles.

***There is a public server for this pack. The IP is included.***



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