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Have you ever wished that Minecraft had more tools,more plants,more magic? Well this relevantly small modpack might just be what you are looking for. With the help of Thaumcraft you can explore the magic of the blocks themselves,with Botanica you can explore the possibilities of magical plants ,and with Tinkers Construct you can make amazing tools and armors. Normally you wouldn't be able to make magical armor with Tinkers but with the help of this modpack you can!As well as having these great mods this pack contains a handful of "quality of life" mods ,

"What are these "quality of life" mods, could they possibly help me?" 

Well of course! They help you transfer your items from your inventory to your new iron chests,as well as showing your amount of saturation!But that's not all!With the help of Biomes O' Pletny you can explore new and amazing landscapes ,and for those with slower pc's there is the always helpful BetterFps mod!


Never forget to  check out the original creators of the mods,they might have made a even better mod!


These are all the mods that are used in this modpack: