Magical Age

215 Downloads Last Updated: May 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Well i wanted to make a modpack since the minecraft version 1.7.10, and i did! but i didn't release it to the public, now because of the updates that minecraft has, i wanted to make a modpack on 1.12.2, and finally it is here "Magical Age", This modpack is still under testing and i might or might not add more mods to it depends on how it will work, i have no questing mods sadly because it takes lots of time to set quests, im working on this modpack all alone... anyways!



This Modpack is all about exploration and looting Structures and Stuff, you will find in the mod description all the mods that i have added and please know that this is still under testing and might or might not go through few changes!!


now i don't want to spoil a lot i will leave some so you can explore it by yourself, Enjoy and please leave feedback!


i might add a discord group for this modpack so you guys can share any bugs or fixes or more mods that i can add on this!

thank you and stay Happy!


Future Plans:

Adding a quest system.

Adding more quality of life mods for more fun loot and food and npcs.



Mods list:




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