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I'm searching for people who want to "playtest" the current quests and the map (yes, I decided I'll ship a map with it). If you're interested write me a PM!


Madroxide was originally used to host the Modpack for my server, with quests (For easy Introduction into mods). I started to have fun doing all the quest stuff so I made a map and quests.
The map is hard. You start with only 3 hearts!

Story (Not completed):
About 800 years ago the portals to other worlds were opened by a villain to destroy the great castle. Unfortunately he didn't had control over the monsters behind the portals and chaos started to arise. It was so bad that the great king and all of his fellows died. Leaving the portals opened, the creatures strafed through the night and killed everybody that were in his way. Some people survived and developed techniques to close the portal. Your mission is to build these machines to finally close all portals.






Use the code "madroxide"




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