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This mod pack has the concepts of minimalism and phase development. Until you pass the previous phase, you will not get access to the next one. Everything is implemented by modifying the recipes of basic crafting items of the next phase with top-end items from the previous one. For more details, see the concepts and the diagram.

When I was looking for a modpack for version 1.16.5. I saw a lot of modpacks in which all popular mods are thrown indiscriminately. There are a lot of cool industrial mods, but they all have almost the same function. You can start developing simultaneously in all mods, have ten different crushers performing the same function. A lot of ores of the same type. Moreover, mods have almost no connection with each other. I don't like this kind of trip. In this connection, I decided to create this modpack. All mods were selected very carefully, I tried to avoid unnecessary mods. The list of mods has been revised and formatted very many times (The modpack exists and has been updated since version 1.16.5 -> 1.17 -> 1.18 -> 1.19.2. Since that time, many concepts and philosophy have undergone changes, the list of mods has been revised and polished. As a result, I came to a certain ideal for me. There are such global mods as Create, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Applied Energistics 2, CC tweaked. There are also many other mods for a better experience, fight, dungeons world gen. But at the same time, the vanilla nature of the game and the philosophy of minecraft are preserved.
A lot of effort (around 100 hours) was spent on doing perfect worldgen. List/weights of biomes/structures has been polished very carefully. Now it looks absolutely insane.


Modpack Concepts:

  • Simplification of recipes / gameplay is prohibited.
  • No cheating(cave minimap, etc).
  • Recipe / gameplay complications from any mods are welcome.
  • Complicating the recipe / gameplay should be logical, realistic and create better compatibility between mods.
  • Excessive complication is prohibited.
  • It is impossible to start development in next phase mods without significant development in previous phase mods.
  • Each mod added to the modpack should have many unique, in no way replaceable from other mods, really necessary functions.
  • The original philosophy of minecraft has been preserved, in other words, everything that happens in the world is influenced by the player.



Initial mods, about which you should know:

Apotheosis – reimagine of vanilla enchantments mechanics. Adds affix system. In stock mod is super OP, so in this modpack it’s totally nerfed to be balanced and fun.

Comforts - adds sleeping bags and hammocks. Bags – as bed, but don’t set a spawnpoint. Hammocks – allows to skip day.

Chalk - allows you to draw marks for easier navigation in the caves or structures.

Construction Wand – adds Construction Wands, with which you can place multiple blocks at once. You will get access to the infinite wand in the middle of phase 1, and to destruction core in the end of phase 3.

End Remastered - overhauls the way players get to the End. Adding 15 totally new Ender Eyes hidden all around your world. You need any unique 12 eyes to open portal.

Explorer's Compass - allows you to locate structures. Many of them are blacklisted, so you can find them only randomly travelling in the world. This mod is not considered as cheating due to the fact that default world type is large biomes.

Nature's Compass - allows you to locate biomes.

Grappling Hook Mod - adds grappling hooks. The aim of this mod is to provide a fun way to get around large caves/mountains/nether. Mod has a lot of upgrades, access to them you will get in the middle of phase 1.

Sophisticated backpacks - backpack mod. With backpack you can upgrade with more inventory and enhance with many functional upgrades. This modpack has original backpack balancing method. You can easily craft standard backpack, but can have only one in the inventory. For iron or higher backpack, you will need go to the end.

Sophisticated Storage – more immersive alternative of iron chests and storage drawers mods.

Tool Belt - quickly switch between tools using the handy Radial Menu.

Storage Labels – adds label, with which you can perfectly mark your chests, etc.

Waystones - adds waystone blocks that the player can return to once they've been activated. Naturally spawned in villages or some structures. Undestroyable, cartable only from the end of phase 3.


Phase 1:
Vanilla and Create.
In this phase, you begin survival. According to the concepts of this modpack, Create is a mod of the simplest, rough and inaccurate mechanical technologies of the 17-18th century with a little bit of magic. To move on to the next phase, you will need to create almost all the mechanisms from this mod, organize a lot of conveyor production lines and extract a lot of netherite, it is assumed that you will do this not manually but with the help of minecart contraption consisting of many mechanical drill and lava-substituting mechanisms. If you don't know how to build them, schematics are included in the modpack. And as a culmination, the craft Alternator, with which the mechanical energy of the Create mod is translated into FE.

Create - main tech mod of phase 1. Adds mechanical technologies.

Create Enchantment Industry - a mod offering more tools and methods to handle experience & enchantment in Create.

Create Slice & Dice - enables a variety of features to create better compatibility between Farmer's Delight and Create.

Create: Steam & Rails - expanding the possibilities of Create’s railway system.

Create Deco - adds several new types of decorative blocks that take advantage of Create's palette and production opportunities: including colorful brick variants, sheet metals, fancier metal bars, and more.

Chunk Loaders - allows you keep chunks loaded, while you are far away from them.

Simple Planes – adds easy, fast and funny traveling way, until you haven’t got elytra/mekanism flying stuff.

Create Crafts & Additions - acts as a bridge between Create mod kinetic energy and electricity.


Phase 2:
Immersive Engineering.
Mod of large and heavy machines of the 19-20th century. To craft processors from Mekanism and AE2, you will need Arc Furnace, a diesel generator to power it, and as a result, almost all other machines of this mod.

Immersive Engineering - main tech mod of phase 2. Adds big multiblock machines powered by electricity. Designed in retro-futurism style, with spirit of 19 – 20 century.

Engineer's Decor – add-on for IE, adds decorative blocks and devices helping you to build nice looking manufacturing contraptions.


Phase 3:
Mekanism and AE2
20-21th century. Build nuclear reactors, store items in the form of information, get energy armor, create computers that perform the most difficult tasks. You are limited only by your imagination.

Mekanism – main tech mod of phase 3. Adds super advanced technologies.

Mekanism Generators - an official addon to Mekanism that adds various generators and ways to produce energy.

Mekanism Tools - an official addon to Mekanism that adds Tools and Armor for various Mekanism materials, and some vanilla ones.

Applied Energistics 2 – global tech mod, adds storage/transportation systems for items and liquids, Auto-Crafting. Allows to store items in form of information.

Applied Mekanistics - adds chemical support to existing AE2 devices.

AEInfinityBooster - adds Infinite Range Card and Dimension Card to AE2.

CC: Tweaked - adds programmable computers, turtles and more.

Advanced Peripherals - adds many useful extensions for CC:Tweaked.

Scannable - provides a scanner item that can survey the nearby area for points of interest.

OpenBlocks Elevator – adds teleporting elevator. Stand on the block and jump to go up and crouch to go down.



Default key binds:

  • U - Death list.
  • C + scroll - zoom.
  • Middle mouse button - sort inventory.
  • O - Inventory HUD settings.
  • R+C - Inventory Profiles Next settings.
  • M - Map.
  • SHIFT+CTRL - Crawl.
  • R - Tool belt.
  • B - Backpack.
  • X - Plane GUI.
  • G - Toggle Mekanism tool mode.
  • H - Mekanism hud.
  • F7 - Enable Light Level / Mob spawns Overlay
  • F9 : Enable Chunk Boundaries Overlay
  • F10 - Presence Footsteps configuration.


I will be very grateful for finding any issues, please report them to our discord server.