145 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

This modpack is built for the LurCraft Modded 1.12.2 server, continuing the chain of LurCraft servers running since 2015.

LurCraft is designed to be lightweight and balanced towards fun, trying to avoid being a kitchen sink modpack. The modpack is accompanied by mods such as ComputerCraft (CC:Tweaked), Plethora, Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering, and Botania. With the selection of mods in the pack, you can create new and interesting solutions to simple problems.

The server uses the Krist currency system, a virtual currency which allows you to sell items or services to other players, which can be interfaced by ComputerCraft computers, and can be used on other servers as well.

Come give it a try, and join the server, and also join our community Discord!


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