Lucky Boi Duo Adventure Pack

41,837 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2


This pack include Fun lucky block minigame that can be set up by you!

Or download our map (WIP) for people who want instant fun!


ADVENTURES with your friend or Solo!

The Adventures/Progressing are based on YOU! Theres are many mods for you to play and progress!

You can Play through the mod pack and Earn Ores or Gems to make otterly cool and powerful swords and Shield! (include the The super Stick sword mod!)

This pack include powerful Weapon and Machines!

Make Weapons or Make Machines to Automate your Minecraft Gameplay


Meet the Challenging Start and End!

surprisingly Fun Minigames and Adventures!


Download lucky block here :

-Put together By Tera1 and Xerloz

(Beta test by BestWood and TERA PROP TEAM)

(If you found any Bugs or Glitch please tell us in the comment and we will fix it)

(Notice: This is our first modpack)

Hope you enjoy!


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