Less Tech More Dragon [RETIRED]

80,675 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5  



As of 2021-09-10, I have retired the server for this modpack.

I will leave it as is on CurseForge for single player, but it will not receive further updates.







Focus of the modpack

Centering around the mod Ice & Fire, which adds dragons and other mythical creatures and magic to the game, mods in the Less Tech More Dragon pack are meant to complement that medieval-fantasy feel.

Futuristic techy mods can be fun, but this pack is deliberately "low-tech".





Modpack Features

 - Dragons!

 - Vampires
 - Magic
 - Medieval weaponry
 - Large Dungeons
 - Custom cities
 - Balanced gameplay



The other aim of this modpack is to be lean and lightweight so that it is easy to manage and runs well on my server with little-to-no performance problems.