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Modpack for play on LSC party server.

LSC-E will give you the opportunity to explore the world and dungeons, develop your own colonies, improve your character.

Mod List:

Oh The Biomes You'll Go - Many different biomes, new types of trees, bushes
"YUNG's Pack" - Better Caves, Mineshafts, Dungeons, Strongholds
MineColonies - An extremely entertaining part of the modpack, for playing in multiplayer
Silent Gear & EverlastingAbilities - Tool and Character upgrading
The Abyss: Chapter II & The Forbidden & Ice and Fire: Dragons - Most part of fantasy world
Ice & Fire Dragonsteel Weaponry & Dungeons Content - Additional content
Mowzie's Mobs - Dungeon mobs, bosses
Sophisticated Backpacks - Your own "little" storage
V-Tweaks & Quark - Vanilla useful tweaks
Iron Chests & Storage Drawers - Now you can put a bunch of sticks on the shelves
Goblin Traders - Mineshafts villager
Xaero's Minimap & Just Enough Items & ConnectedTexturesMod - UI and Textures
Performant - Optimization for better world loading

The modpack is still evolving and the list of mods will definitely change in the future, stay tuned


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