Heres my streamlabs! I put a ton of time into this modpack for my stream. If you can support me I was recently laid off lloyd-DfIGJJ / Streamlabs With mods that enhance the world lightly or completely add an alternative experience! For example, villages are fixed with new professions, new buildings, biomes, and even new trades. This modpack is centered around minecolonies and some improvements are made to make that experience alot easier. Stuff like adding in shader configs for every type of computer system. On forge you can expect 40 fps most of the time (better than bethesda tbh)

I like to play by connecting one or two villages to each other via train and pretend like the villagers have jobs!  Then in the middle you can build... A space station...

And of course... Ad Astra! After all that you can go to space! Theres some food mods, well thought out QOL, new armor and lightsabers for your space adventures.