Lords & Loot

44 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

   Lords & Loot, Is a modpack focused on adventuring around a beautiful world. Discovering new creatures, Taming them. And becoming a Master of the various civilizations and species. Building your own village into an empire, and defeating others whom do the same.
   This mod is heavily based around the TTIGRAAS mod, For its central player progression via a player Evolution system. Allowing players to be rewarded for most any interaction that awards experience. While also nerfing the players starting stats so that earlier on one has little choice but to rely on gaining help from the possible followers and villagers around to get a safe start. 
   Players are encouraged to either establish a Domain or village in which they can safely rule and train soldiers to safeguard them and their treasures. Or alternatively go out into the world raiding and looting various dungeons and cave systems which will offer many unique and interesting weapons, armor, and more!

   Earlier on I do recommend being cautious. As the world around you is much more capable than one would normally expect.


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