Lord of the Rings Bundle Reloaded

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Lord of the Rings Bundle Reloaded Introduction

By: PigMoss#5160


The Lord of the Rings Bundle Reloaded Modpack is designed to combine the Legacy Lord of the Rings mod features with other mods for QOL improvements such as performance boosts in FPS and chunk loading which could otherwise slow down and decrease game quality with the core mod alone.




What makes this Modpack different?


+ There isn't an Overwhelming amount of features/mods.


While some modpacks strive to interlace mods together, this project adds other mods that: do not intervene or change the lord of the rings feel if you do not want them to. For example, the integrated mod, The Twilight Forest has no game changing mechanisms or effects if you, yourself do not enter the mods portal to its new dimension. Why would we add this mod though? There are a vast number of items, blocks and structures that other type of players want for a bigger universe, giving this modpack the advantage of different dimensions with no overlapping features between them on default.


Lord of the Rings Mod Features


The core of this modpack contains over hundreds of new blocks, items, structures, biomes all based off of the original Lord of the Rings story. This mod itself is full of quests, NPC interactions, factions and more.


To learn more about this mod, you can visit their extensive wiki here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


- Is this resource active? Will it be constantly updated?


Unless otherwise stated, this Modpack is currently being updated


- Do you support other/newer versions of Minecraft?


Though I am working to port this Modpack to newer versions of MC, 1.7.10 is the only supported version as of now


- Can you add (Insert-name) mod?


Probably, or probably not. You are welcome to ask me


- Where can I receive support if I am having issues with this resource?


Look Below


Support & Suggestions


If you wish to receive support or have any suggestions, add PigMoss#5160 on Discord




I do not own nor maintain or have any power over the mods presented in this Modpack, if you have any questions about a specific mod, ask their respective creators or support rooms


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