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Lets Just Say CRAFT - [Wild] (LJSC)


"A modpack that mixes a little bit of magic with a lot of industry, good

for beginners, perfect for all." That would be the description of a modpack

I would like to play, so that is what I tried to achieve with this, and this is

"officially" my "first" modpack, so I really hope you like it as much as I do.



This modpack is intended for players that aren't new to modded, but

I'm sure that people that are new to modded shall enjoy it as much!

With this modpack, you can explore beautiful custom and new biomes

that give you a fresh introduction to the biomes you can´t see while

playing vanilla Minecraft, you can build using building gadgets, charge

your tools using coal on the charging station, or even do more complex

energy systems using mekanism or cyclic, visit new dimensions like

Gaia dimension, or even the mining dimension, you can also have a

magical experience thanks to Botania, with some of the low tech mods

like Botania Machinery to make automatization, but most definitely the

main focus on the mods in here is to through you into the beauty and

wildlife of modded Minecraft in a very friendly, literal, and unique way,

with treasure hunts, new bosses, mechanics, and places that you

simply must play and in a very wild way.


So if you want to dive more into modded, or just want to live an

updated experience of my previous packs but with amazing new things

and a very unique experience, this pack is the pack for you, so enjoy it!

Have fun! Gather your friends if you have those or play alone if you

prefer to, this pack is truly for you.


IMPORTANT NOTES: The modpack needs at least 6656 MB of RAM to run at

a minimum, but I would recommend you to try it on 7 GB - 8 GB of RAM if

you want to have a smoother playthrough. I should also let you know that the

modpack is for forge-36.2.23 or above (that is only for 1.16.5 forge versions).