LitW - Life in the Wilds

680 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 7, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

A beautiful modpack inspired by the Life in the woods/after humans modpack and adapted to version 1.18.1 including current mods.


In this modpack you can expect about 160 - 180 mods (depends on Version), most of which are intended to further improve the already beautiful overworld and the associated cave systems of 1.18.1.

There are countless structures to discover. Existing buildings have also been improved. The vegetation and life on the overworld have been optimised. An incredible number of new mobs, most of them fully integrated.
Many improvements have been made to the Minecraft gameplay and graphics.


Whether you just want to build with an enormous number of new blocks or prefer to create some farms with the help of the technique mods, this modpack has something for everyone.

I recommend you to go on a discovery tour every now and then to fully enjoy the beauty of my mod compilation.

Last but not least, I worked my way through all the configurations and coordinated everything.

I hope that you and your friends will enjoy my work.


For the best results i recommend to install


 OptiFine HD U H5


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