Life in the Industrial Village

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Dec 9, 2018

Owner: palycraft

Life in the Industrial Village is a direct copy from xDreamz modpack, Life in the Village, but with a few mod additions to further progression past colonies.

DISCLAIMER: I have received xDreamz Permission to reproduce the pack with additions. 

The idea of the pack was to add more progression throughout the entire world, adding Buildcraft to automate colonies development with machinery, and Immersive engineering to add the steam-punk feeling of machinery to give players villages a new look. Which would tie into Mystical Agriculture for automation of ores (post quarry era). Enabling the player to produce materials for the village, and themselves.

There's other mods like Thaumcraft for the wise-minded individuals who like to dabble into magic and rule the world Arcane magic style.

The pack adds:
- Immersive Engineering
- Thaumcraft
- Buildcraft (With the Aroma1997's Mining Dimension)
- Tinkers' Construct
- Mystical Agriculture
and a few more additions!

The Discord that's used for xDreamz Packs:



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