lets see how you feel when you play

172 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

this mod pack. is filled with magic items dangerous mobs  in sky water air as well as there are many types of fishing rods  to and many more .There are many weapons

with different ability and etc. There are different types of shield different types of guns.

there is a new dimension as it will allow to fight with bosses and more.

there are many bosses in overworld also. the best mod i like was the ice and fire mod as it has 

as there are 3 types of dragons ice , fire and electric these dragons have different colour as it will allow

you to sit on dragons if you have tame it and there are stages 1-5 in stage 1 it can only bit but in stage five it has many abilities.





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